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The Foundation. Yiriba is a collaboration of well-rounded volunteers with experience doing humanitarian work around the world. We share a passion and commitment to bring orphans and abandoned children off the streets and provide them with an opportunity for a brighter future. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation based in San Francisco, California, USA.



Yonel Perez Contact...

Our Founder and Executive Director. As an eight-year old, Yonel lost his mother and was abandoned by his father. He feels he was "lucky to be brought to an orphanage", and that "it shaped [his] future". Eight years after entering the City of Children orphanage, Yonel almost entered seminary but he was discovered by a soccer coach who helped him become a professional soccer player. He had a short stint on the under 18 Peruvian national team, and played with the Deportivo Kiwi and Juan Aurich professional teams. Yonel believes orphanages play a life changing role for orphans and abandoned children. In 2002, one morning during his first visit to Burkina Faso, he saw a little boy sleeping outside his door in the village of Kolokoni..... Inspired by Nounmounje (the little boy), Yonel returned to Kolokoni in 2006 to found his first Yiriba orphanage. Yonel is a certified professional personal trainer.


Rebecca Grow

Board of Directors. Rebecca is proud to be part of Yiriba Foundations' Board of Directors. As someone who has always enjoyed helping others, in addition to her love for children and cultures, Yiriba is a perfect fit for her. She is a strong believer in the African proverb "It takes a village to raise a child". With her modern day point-of-view, she would only add that it takes a global village and we all need to look after the children of the world. Rebecca is a marketing consultant who enjoys traveling, gardening, dancing, learning, and laughing.


Nelson Pino

Sports Director. Nelson PIno has a vast experience organizing international and local soccer leagues and events. He is the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of the Northern California Soccer Association. He is a former SFC US Army, Flynn Division. He currently holds the title of chairman of two local 250-A, City and County of San Francisco Transit Operator; Vice President of San Francisco Municipal Railway Employees Federal Credit Union.


Kikanga Kikuni

Business Consultant.


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Yiriba Foundation Yonel Perez, Executive Director P.O. Box 191474 San Francisco, CA 94119

Where is Burkina Faso?
Where is Burkina Faso?