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Yiriba's first orphanage opened four years ago

in the West African village of Koloko, Burkina Faso, hosting four young boys in a small three-room house with two kerosene lamps and a table.

In 2010, Yiriba built a new permanent facility

on land selected and purchased in cooperation with the village elders. This Koloko orphanage hosts 13 children, eight boys and five girls.

In 2013, Yiriba opened our second orphanage in Nicaragua, allowing us to offer support to

children in need in another region of the world.


Thanks to your continued generous support,

we are able to offer a comfortable home, decent meals and clothing, medical care, an education, and extracurricular activities at TWO orphanages.


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Festival Gastronomico Peruano by Yiriba

September 28th, 2013



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Thank You To All who made our growth in 2012 and 2013 possible. We couldn't do it without you!


Our Fundraisers have included Fashion Shows, Annual Masters World Cup Soccer Tournaments, and Jog-A-Thons.

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